Art With Impact Adds 38th Short Film to Winning Mental Health Film Collection

A short film about trauma and empowerment enters AWI's groundbreaking film collection.

Art With Impact (AWI) is excited to congratulate Sean Sonnenburg and Kat Roman for their film 'The Chair,’ which is the August 2017 winner, and 38th addition to AWI's OLIVE Film Collection. The film follows a young woman suppressed by physical and emotional abuse who faces a point of either breaking or rediscovering herself.

Kat and Sean began their respective film careers in Washington DC where they cut their teeth in the documentary world. “The Chair” was their first collaboration and worked as a proof of concept of their creative compatibility. In fact, the pair wrote, directed, filmed and acted in the film. Both Sean and Kat are compelled to make content that relates people to one another and create empathy. They now are partners in life and art, living in NYC.

We really wanted to address mental, physical and emotional abuse, and more so, give power to the victims of these abuses and display them taking their power back

Kat Roman, Filmmaker

On a mission to create original content that tells a story and emotionally transports the viewer, Kat and Sean strive the to tell the stories that can be hard to tell.  Their goal moving forward is to continue to tell stories with compelling narratives and characters in unique ways that leave audiences entertained, and gaining a new perspective.

Are you a filmmaker or mental health advocate with a passion for storytelling? AWI's film competition deadlines run monthly, and upcoming opportunities to submit are June 30 and July 31.

All winning films receive a $1,000 cash prize. Learn more here