Art With Impact Adds 37th Short Film to Winning Mental Health Film Collection

Two Canadian college students create film 'A to Z' about eating disorders to raise awareness

Art With Impact (AWI) is excited to congratulate Fenny Wang and Karishma Antia for their film 'A to Z,’ which is the July 2017 winner, and 37th addition to AWI's OLIVE Film Collection. The film uses beautiful imagery to portray the experience of living with an eating disorder and discredit the stereotypical assumption that anorexia is a female-exclusive disorder.

Fenny and Karishma have been collaborating on creative projects together since they met as children. Using stop motion animation, their film focuses on the topic of anorexia in hopes of shedding light on a mental illness that are often misrepresented in the media, and build awareness that it is okay to not be okay. Fenny is a recent Queen’s University graduate who has just started her career in Advertising, and Karishma ​is a psychology student at the University of Toronto. This was their first film that they made together for fun, and the entire process was new to them. We can't wait to see what this team of close friends comes up with as they build their skills together!

We would like to thank AWI for providing this platform for amateur filmmakers like us who don't necessary have the professional skills but still want to do our part in erasing the stigma around mental illness.

Fenny and Karishma, Winning filmmakers

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